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THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT LIVE FROM CHICAGO 50 years ago they were on the corner or in Seward Park in the Cabrini Green area rehearsing, not sounding professional at all, but it felt good and sounded good to Richard and Arthur Brooks, Sam Gooden, Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler.  Then in 1958 after being rejected by Chess Records and a number of other Michigan Avenue labels the “Roosters” were in Universal recording studios performing “For Your Precious Love”.  Slow, dreamy, ethereal and played on WGES and WGN, the first hit for JERRY BUTLER and THE IMPRESSIONS were on the charts. Yes, Wally Phillips at WGN played some rock and roll back in ‘58.

It was Vee Jay Records’ decision to take Jerry solo but his real hits didn’t happen until he reunited with Curtis.  Mayfield achieved first name recognition status early in his career with his many contributions as singer, writer, producer, and truly unique guitar player.  “He Will Break Your Heart” was the runaway hit for Jerry and Curtis in 1960. Later leaving Chicago to record with Motown and then Gamble and Huff in Philadelphia, Jerry came back home to sing with Chicago’s Mercury Records.  Known as “The Ice Man” because of his smooth stage presentation, Mr. Butler eventually became Commissioner Butler with the Cook County Board, a position he still holds.  Recently Country Club Hills concert goers were treated to Jerry Butler and the Impressions singing the good old songs again.  I don’t know how much the tickets were but the memories were free.

MS. CELLIE LAINE E. US RANDOMNIZUMS it changes every time / RELATED BUT NOT CONNECTED THOUGHTS / Praise for the team at NORTHWESTERN Hospital. 2 day stay, everything OK. And more in the medical department: how about that nurse situation with the wonderful SALLY LEMKE?  Good gals win / Have you met the man with the airport in his name GEORGE O’HARE, one positive person / The R. Kelly thing got quiet again / Let’s really look at the Durkin Park Police Dispatcher Delay Saga / Spend some time in the book store, buy and read “The Giving Tree” by SHEL SILVERSTEIN / I will read Paul Shaffer’s book when it comes out (Letterman’s band man) / You ARE going to see BATMAN just to see how many Chicago landmarks you recognize like lower Wacker Drive / Also see the new Bruce Willis “Die Hard” it’s very good / GEORGE CARLIN notes “We use the sun to make electricity, then we use the electricity to operate our sun lamps and tanning machines”.

According to people on the scene the “WOW” Award of the week goes to former Aldermen SHIRLEY COLEMAN and ARENDA TROUTMAN for their startling performance at the new Kennedy King College ceremonies on July 18th in front of MAYOR DALEY / Gotta get my shoes shined by the famous CLYDE BLACK on the first floor at City Hall / Our prayers go out to singer ANGIE BOFILL who recently suffered a severe stroke / EYE RED It somewhere / Why is it our children cannot read their religious book in school - but they can read it in prison? / Channel 7’s BILL CAMPBELL is really a nice guy / Marriage changes things – suddenly you’re in bed with a relative / PURPLE is turning Lavender so you better see the Oprah production before September 30 /  Also in the theatre department Jackie Taylor’s Black Ensemble is getting ready to do the Motown Men.

WEIGH D. OH DEPT. Did you know that  WNUA IS NOT THE ORIGINAL. The blueprint for “smooth jazz” was introduced to Chicago listeners in 1965 by the brilliant BURT BURDEEN who currently teaches at COLUMBIA COLLEGE.   The station was WSDM 97.9 fm “The station with the girls” and it was really Smooth Jazz the first generation. ALL THE WOMEN who play music on Chicago radio should bow in the direction of Marina City each morning before they go to work to salute YVONNE DANIELS.  Ms. Daniels lived in Marina and was Chicago’s ultimate professional and best female radio lady in ANY music format.  It was a pleasure to work with her / PS “Talk To Me” is about a black targeted radio station. So why are ALL the screens showing the film on the Northside of Chicago???.  ICE THEATRES WHERE ARE YOU?  Listen to RICHARD PEGUE- WKKC 89.3 fm – on line at Sundays 10am – 4pm.

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