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MISSCELLLANEEUS RANDOMNISIMS is my one phrase two-word title for items that are related but yet disconnected.  They run a marathon through your mind that you never think to archive unless you put them on paper.  So welcome to my note pad.

SPORTS DEPT.  I just happened to turn on the TV and there was VENUS swinging running hitting smiling frowning and winning YES! So women are from VENUS and men are just guys. 

WHY I LOVE CHICAGO DEPT. NORTHSIDE I really wanted to make the big parade but couldn’t work the time out.  I really like the area around Jackie Taylor’s Black Ensemble Theater near Wilson and Beacon.  Have you shopped on Clark and Wilson?  I love Olympic Trading.  Woke up one morning at Irving Park and the lake, sunrise was beautiful.  Cabrini Green is gone è WESTSIDE  Wallaces’ Catfish Corner is going to become more popular as a meeting place at Madison and California.  Real estate tip, if you have property do not sell, and pay those taxes!  Sight seeing - still a big party along Madison from Damen out to Austin every Friday and Saturday evening è SOUTHSIDE I really miss the streets the way they used to be…47th  55th  63rd 79th If you’ve got more mileage than me and share the same mindset you miss Cermack and 31st street too.  Where did Catfish Digby’s go and we’ve forever lost south Michigan from Roosevelt to 24th street.  I’ve got the feeling you should take a picture of the Defender building with your Brownie Hawkeye camera before it disappears.  Betcha Burger King will still be there. è EASTSIDE Where? I say in the lake, because you have to be south of 71st to feel any degree of “east” community aura, and the point is you’re SOUTH EAST!  PS Will we one day say, “Washington Park used to be here.” ???  è 

THE CHICAGO MUSIC DEPARTMENT 20th WARD NOTICE  - IN ENGLEWOOD, WKKC RADIO’S RICHARD PEGUE is on a personal campaign to get a street named for the ELDORADOS singing group.  These excellent singers attended Englewood high school in the 50s and had a million selling number one song called  “At My Front Door” or “Crazy Little Mama” on the radio in 1955.  In 2005 Shirley Coleman and Arenda Troutman jointly named 62nd street west of Halsted for DELLS and I still ask why?  The Harvey Illinois based Dells are a great group too but how could these aldermen not recognize Englewood’s Eldorados?  I have made two attempts to contact new 20th ward alderman WILLIE B. COCHRAN and will continue to do so at 6357 S. Cottage Grove.  My survey of the area shows two prime choices should be available for ELDORADO DRIVE. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.  Remember we got the lane dividers on the Outer Drive a few years ago.  I think we’ll form a committee and attend the 20th Ward Monthly Meeting at St. Edmund’s Rectory, 6105 S. Michigan.  Call the 20th ward office at 773 955 5610 for information.  I will.

RAP UP I just really like the “Cupid Shuffle” both the song and the dance. NEW THOUGHT not to be ethnic but I think all dancers black white and brown should learn to do the “Cupid Shuffle” together

è WRAP UP Sunday July 8th there was a tribute to Thomas A. Dorsey at Pilgrim Baptist Church. It was right on time for the preservation of the Dorsey name and accomplishments in gospel and inspirational music.  We keep the traditional spirit of gospel music going on our show every Sunday morning on WKKC.  This is your invitation to listen.

Venus WIlliams

The Eldorados

Thomas Dorsey

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