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Earth Wind & Fire from the westside The Impressions and Jerry Butler from the northside and Yvette Stevens from the southside.  Who?  That’s CHAKA KHAN from 78th and Carpenter, Calumet and Kenwood high schools. I’m proud to report all of these Chicago talents are still active, with Chaka’s next must buy CD on the way with a duet by Mary J. Blige / THE Arie Crown Theatre was blessed with TEENA MARIE, Michael Henderson, Cherrelle, Alexander O’Neal and Ray Parker Jr. all singing The Best Music Of Your Life / And County Club Hills on the south and Ravinia on the north are making this the best Chicago summer of music in a long time.  The GUITAR FEST event with Eric BB and friends was really great!!!
WHILE we love our Jennifer Hudson, the other one just can’t stop dreamin’ so JENNIFER HOLLIDAY is now rehearsing for the 25th anniversary run of the stage play Dreamgirls on stage in Atlanta. / WE’VE really got the talent - “For Once In My Life” was but one of the hits written by Chicago’s RON MILLER who recently passed away with our condolences to his family and friends. P.S. CHICAGO MUSICAL MEDICAL Did you see ETTA JAMES on the TAVIS SMILEY show? Etta is now hospitalized with complications after stomach surgery. Chaka is performing for Etta on the B.B. King and Al Green summer tour. Prayers for Etta AT LAST. Read David Ritz’s book on Etta “Rage To Survive”.

MISS SELL LAINE E. US RANDOMNISIMS are really Mull Tee Pull Minnie’s. I like that one! It helps to say it to get it OK? / NOW we know who BEAUTY TURNER is.  She’s responsible for the controversial “Ghetto Bus Tour” and pro or con, give her credit for initiating the idea /  READ!!! In a book store I found Life’s Little Instruction Book, Vol.II by H. Jackson Brown Jr. so I read #989 “Never buy anything from a rude salesperson, no matter how much you want it” Write On / OUR teachers never did the bathroom blocking thing to us, so what’s with the Cuffe school situation? / THINK the residents on north Lake Shore were not happy with the attention that OPRAH would have brought to their area? /

SAVING THE WORLD:We hear there’s a really great ELVIS performer at the Majestic out in Hammond / The smoking ban will effect the band too / Those pop machines in the schools, what’s the math on that? / For every movie blockbuster like “The Simpsons” there are a thousand really good independent and local films and you should try to see some of them / What cleavage? Millimeters / Watch the property tax thing and watch those iCARDS that the banks are putting in the hands of students / Speaking of students, explain the Chicago State U and CTA bus terminal fiasco versus student safety / Does Columbia College teach a real estate course? / Bless the cabbies in their efforts to survive
Dept.  Much respect to the memories of TOM SNYDER on the tele  / CHICAGO WAY D. OH DEPT. / I remember when we couldn’t say the word “funky” on the radio at WVON my have times changed / Remember hearing Franklin McCormick at night on WGN or SID McCOY on WGES then WCFL? / By the time you read this your favorite radio station may have made some changes in preparation for the all important fall ratings survey starting in October.  So get ready for the “sonic shuffle” but I say everyone in every ethnic group, all races, should learn to do the CUPID SHUFFLE. This universal dance needs to be bigger than the Macerena and the Twist.
IT’S A SMALL WHIRL  PUSH and SHOVE Dept.  Interesting to see how they can both exist in the same territory JACKSON and SHARPTON / EYE LIKE STEPHANIE ZIMMERMANN’s FIXINS in the sometimes / WHAT’S IN A NAME: So what do you call a singing department store that’s half way between black and white? Get ready….MACY’S GRAY.
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