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This site is all about the dance craze that started in Chicago called "Steppin". Different cities call it different things.  Steppin' is a dance that comes in various forms, operates on many different counts with universal appeal that manifests in almost every community in America.  This webpage highlights some Steppin' Clubs, places, music, instructional videos, and a broadcast with a Steppin' flavor!  So feel free to look around our site and don't forget to leave your email address with us for all our latest information about Club Steppin' events and programs.

CLUB STEPPIN' is currently a radio show on the internet with rapid radio syndication to happen soon.  CLUBSTEPPIN also hosts steppers sets primarily in Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona.  All the events are hosted and the music is played by "The Suavest One" LaMont D. Watts, A Chicago South Side native.  LaMont has an extensive collection of records to step to. On the radio show, LaMont's  Co-Host Is Cynthia Bean "The steppers internet connection" ,and Chicago's own "D.J. Devious D" and D.J. Steve-O does the 11pm steppers mix.

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